Harding Trout Hatchery, Connecticut’s #1 source for trophy trout, is nestled in the foothills of Litchfield County. Harding Trout Hatchery is the highest producing and the only commercial year-round grower in the state of Connecticut. We are a full-time hatchery facility and we pride ourselves on being the largest supplier of clubs, lake associations, fishing preserves and trout derbies in our beautiful state.

Our trout are raised in large tanks and concrete streams to ensure complete control of their environment. We emphasize a quality control initiative practiced by other national growers, assuring a wholesome product. We offer a better fish from the catch to the dinner table and we stand behind our colorful spring water raised trout.

Brook Trout

A favorite for fishing derbies and club family day outings. They adapt faster than other species after transport which increases success of a catch.

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Brown Trout

A colorful hard-fighting species that will suit a variety of water conditions in ponds or rivers.

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Rainbow Trout

The heartiest and fastest growing of all trout species which will thrive in higher water temperatures than other species. Inquire in the spring about our trophy bows!

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Golden Trout

A strain of rainbow that is bright gold in coloration. Excellent for use as the “prize fish” for trout derbies.

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